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we've inadvertently dragooned a baboon!

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i love movies. i love being really caught up in them for that hour and a half or so and if it's really good, it makes me feel so wonderful and alive which i don't get from that many other things. i love books for that same reason. i love snow. pumpkin pie. i'm overly-sensitive about almost everything. i want a xylophone. i love that i've recently become car-less and love walking around. i do not like jive turkeys. my most favorite song ever is "thank you" by led zeppelin covered by chris cornell. i like everyone although it's hardly reciprocated. i love owls or like caricatures/cartoon versions of them. i love watching dvd's with the actor/director commentaries. i need more friends. i'm new to england. i like to watch lava lamps. they are so nice. i am recovering from social anxiety disorder/depression. i love downtown areas of cities, there is something nice about the energy of them. i love walking along a city and finding a patch of land with grass on it. i loathe gender roles and lifestyle anarchists. my favorite movie at the moment is probably waitress. i still have a crush on meat loaf. i'm probably kind of loopy. i'm also very, very clumsy. sometimes i don't blog for days. i hardly ever leave comments.

there are seven notes on a musical scale and seven colours in a rainbow. i like colours and i like music... all the rest is detail.